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Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap,
but by the seeds you plant.
Robert Louis Stevenson


Small tasks within our reach have a motivational advantage… their rewards follow close upon the heels of effort. A child’s first faltering step is met with applause even as she falls back to try again. The pain of temporary descent hasn’t worn off before the balm of praise is present.

Unknowingly, we come to expect immediate payoff in exchange for present effort.

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If the only tool you have is a hammer,
you tend to see every problem as a nail.
Abraham Maslow

A persistent headache can be caused by our teeth, bones, eyes or possibly a brain tumour, depending on whether we’re talking to a dentist, chiropractor, optometrist or doctor.

In each case the practitioner is blinded by their sphere of expertise. In a sense they’re experts in solutions, not problems.

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Don’t hate,
it’s too big a burden to bear.
Martin Luther King, Sr.


To hate something is to make it the center of our world, and prowl around it with furrowed brow and throaty snarls from dawn to dusk. The thing we hate, becomes the master of our attention leaving room for nothing else.

Hate starts out as unresolved anger and given time, it crystallizes into an hardening of the soul and heart. As a monopoly of the spirit, hate allows no other emotion, save weariness to enter our days.

There are many journeys to embark upon in life, each leading in to different horizons. For most, even the harshest journey serves a purpose. But hate is a storm voyage with no port in sight, or in mind. The view is of nothing but white lightening flashes amid a dark roaring rage.

The cure should be reason, but isn’t. A mind entrapped by hate, is a mind made up. The solution is to distance ourselves from the object of our obsession. It’s difficult to hate, when we can’t focus our attention and are distracted by the rest of the world around us.

Hate consumes what’s good inside us and leaves naught but the taste of ashes.

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Not a day passes over the earth,
but men and women of no note,
do great deeds,
speak great words
and suffer noble sorrows.
Charles Reade

The true history of the world is never recorded, headlined, or applauded. It takes place in hospital rooms, charitable acts and in great efforts for everyday causes.

Working long weary hours to put a child through college; donating to those deserving of help; the last shared moments of a long and painful death… All these, and more, are no less worthy of respect and comment just because they’re part of the common experience.

This is who we are.

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Well, I first stumbled across this puzzle in Charles Barry Townsend’s collection of puzzles, “World’s Toughest Puzzles” and here’s the answer he provided.

The minimum required is 4 men as follows:

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A grandfather clock chimes
as sweetly for those who own it
as for those who can only afford to listen.
Margaret Sweeney

Lean up against a tree, feel the bark against your back. For that instant in time you’re as rich as anyone who’s ever walked the Earth. Sunsets look no different to the poor and the Sun warms all who stand beneath.

Material wealth exists, the evidence is all around us – but it doesn’t reach the deep recesses of the soul. The hug of a child is beyond price and available to all who’d stoop to receive it.

Dare to count through day the moments where wealth makes no difference. The tally astounds us. Wealth means little this instant, or the next.

These are not just the idle moments. They’re perhaps the most important instants of our lives. To see a shooting star, to stand in gentle rain, to raise our voice in song, and band with friends so strong.

Wealth is something experienced through the passage of time. When time stands still, wealth vanishes, we even lose interest in it.

Yes wealth matters, but in the end it cannot stop the clock from ticking, so enjoy it, whether or not you own it.

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There is no such whetstone,
to sharpen a good wit and
encourage a will to learning,
as is praise.
Roger Ascham

We’re all defenseless against the attack of sincere compliments. We can do nothing else in the face of praise save shine.

If success is normal for us, then compliments are cherished recognitions of our contribution. If success is rare for us, then they light the path to future progress.

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