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A riot
is the language of the unheard.
Martin Luther King Jr

From when we first arrive and announce ourselves with a wail, until we gasp our last words in leaving… being heard is important to us. “I am here! Hear me!”

To ignore someone, is to pretend they don’t exist.
To be someone, is to exist… and resent the insinuation that we don’t.

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Reward excellent failures,
Punish mediocre successes.
Phil Daniels

Somewhere between the school yard and the safety of the corporate
chair we lose the bright courage of childhood. There was once a
time – when falling off the bike was recognized as the only way to
learn to ride. Today? We shy away from anything that poses risk and
in doing so bypass the only path to growth.

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The goal for some is fat bank accounts, high status and fame – these ring false for me.
So how do I measure a successful walk of the path from cradle to the grave?

To finish the walk from entry to exit with no regrets.

To have those you leave behind think fondly of your passing.

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Habit is a cable;
we weave a thread of it each day,
and at last we cannot break it.
Horace Mann

All actions, if repeated often enough, become part of who we are. To cease these activities, is to lose a part of ourselves. It matters not, if the habits formed by random repetition, are bad or good.

We frequently practice the art of breaking bad habits, and fail far more often than we succeed. Entire industries thrive on the difficulties we encounter. They, and finally ourselves, recognize that the woven cables are far stronger than expected.

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