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We never have the time to do it right
but always have time to do it over.

We work as if permanently stuck in high gear. We approach every task, regardless of complexity, with equal obsession for speedy completion. We’ve yet to learn that tasks aren’t all vanilla, some have hard shelled nuts in them.

Ticks of a clock are poor measures of a task. Other measures are: quality or customer satisfaction; cost or savings; teamwork or the simple joy of doing it well; and of course, the cost of doing it over.

The speed at which we can complete a project is defined by the task, not by our need to get it done now, or worse, yesterday. Attempt to push it faster and, like last night’s under cooked chili, it’ll return with a vengeance and holding a grudge.

Cutting corners, increases risk. To afford a task less respect than it deserves, is to invite the attention of Murphy. Time saved when we can’t afford it, extracts too high an interest rate.

Tasks take the time they need, either now… or later, when we really can’t afford it.

A task done carefully, is done faster than the task done over

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Tricks, Traps and Tips for better Problem Solving

Cost: Nada!
Although you’re more than welcome to send me a note of appreciation and/or order some books as a way to support the costs of providing this service.

Where? Head here for all the details.

If you work for a living, then you solve problems of all types.This session will explore some simple PS concepts and explain how we can use formal, and informal, PS techniques in every day Life.

Peter believes very much in the idea that we learn by doing, more precisely? That we learn by failing at doing.

So??? This presentation WILL be interactive.
1) Make sure you have a deck of playing cards handy.
2) Peter will take ‘questions’ via e-mail as he presents.

Feedback from a similar live session:
Peter … We reviewed the feedback forms this week – of the 90 collected for the Problem Solving sessions, overwhelmingly the ratings were 5s (highest) We summarized the feedback as follows, included member quotes:

‘Over the top’ successful. Very dynamic, excellent speaker.
Members wanted more from Peter; many felt his sessions were too short.
“..energizing & interesting. Very helpful.”
“..too short – was enjoyable & thought provoking!”
“Fabulous, awesome presentation. Great interaction & exercises.
Could have spent the whole afternoon in his session.”
“Excellent session, extremely dynamic presenter! Useful for any level of team member.”
“Peter was the “BEST” part of the day.”
“Please bring Peter back to talk to us.”

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There are two things to aim at in life:
first, to get what you want,
and after that to enjoy it.
Logan Pearsall Smith

Deadlines were never meant to be one-sided. Originally labeled as the line between certain captivity and potential freedom, they’ve become merely a mark in time separating the end of one project from the start of another with no pause to breathe between.

With long practice we’ve become wise in the ways of only half the metaphor. Hard work, dedication, stress, sweat and toil, will bring us safely to the end of any timed project. We excel under pressure. Then we hoist our bag of hammers, and start upon the next.

The willingness to concentrate our efforts to reach a difficult goal, wears thin with unceasing repetition. When we clamber to the top of a mountain, we forget we climbed there for the view, not just to target the next peak.

Celebration is a gift we owe ourselves. It is much more than merely winding down, more than just a break away from toil. It is the reward for toil.

Celebration is the act of lifting our voices and reveling in the glory of life together. If not now? When?

Let deadlines be when the work stops and the dance begins.

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We are judged by what we finish,
not what we start.

Hectic days infect us with amnesia of action. Despite our certain knowledge of constant and diligent effort, we have the sense we’ve fallen further behind.

The determination to achieve is fueled by the knowledge that we can. Without believing we make a difference, even the strongest get run down. Both sprints and marathons require bright ribbons to mark the end of the race.

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There is no such whetstone,
to sharpen a good wit and
encourage a will to learning,
as is praise.
Roger Ascham

We’re all defenseless against the attack of sincere compliments. We can do nothing else in the face of praise save shine.

If success is normal for us, then compliments are cherished recognitions of our contribution. If success is rare for us, then they light the path to future progress.

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An explorer and financial backer are discussing an upcoming treasure hunt. They’re examining a map in front of them and getting more and more confused.

Here, right in the middle of this desolate land, is where we think they buried the treasure – It’s a single gem, fine enough to be worth a King’s ransom.

You have to travel from this port and there is neither water nor food on the only route inland.

Each person in the party can only travel enough for 5 days, and they can only travel 30 miles per day.

The Port is 120 miles from the location of the treasure.

So, what we need to calculate is, what is the fewest number of men, yourself included, that you will need in your party so that you alone can get to the treasure, stay overnight and return to the port, without dying.

—- There you go… a little bit of project planning for the week. See you next Saturday.

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The ability to accept responsibility
is the measure of the man.
Roy L. Smith

To accept increased responsibility requires a twofold level of trust. First, trust in our own ability to grow into a task. Secondly, trust in the judgment of those offering us the opportunity.

Those who delegate, never do so believing we’re incapable of success. They might misjudge our ability, but never intentionally. By offering us increased responsibility they challenge us to match our self confidence, to their faith in us. The responsibility offered is a compliment.

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