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We never have the time to do it right
but always have time to do it over.

We work as if permanently stuck in high gear. We approach every task, regardless of complexity, with equal obsession for speedy completion. We’ve yet to learn that tasks aren’t all vanilla, some have hard shelled nuts in them.

Ticks of a clock are poor measures of a task. Other measures are: quality or customer satisfaction; cost or savings; teamwork or the simple joy of doing it well; and of course, the cost of doing it over.

The speed at which we can complete a project is defined by the task, not by our need to get it done now, or worse, yesterday. Attempt to push it faster and, like last night’s under cooked chili, it’ll return with a vengeance and holding a grudge.

Cutting corners, increases risk. To afford a task less respect than it deserves, is to invite the attention of Murphy. Time saved when we can’t afford it, extracts too high an interest rate.

Tasks take the time they need, either now… or later, when we really can’t afford it.

A task done carefully, is done faster than the task done over


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Unless the job means more than the pay,
it will never pay more.
H. Bertram Lewis

We’re all potentially worth more than we earn – that’s a given. But for all of us to receive more than we make, is the road to eventual ruin. Output can never exceed total input… for very long.

We self select ourselves into two categories. We either work to make a living, or to make our living worthwhile. It’s the difference between whining and whistling while we work.

This isn’t just positive thinking, or making lemonade out of lemons. We’ve all experienced time flying by when we’re engrossed by a task that we love, and it slows to a molasses like crawl on the ones we despise.

When we hate what we’re doing, our thoughts are always on the moment when we’ll finish. To love what we do is to be enthralled by this moment of doing. In the former we waste thought on the future, in the latter we concentrate only on the joy of the present. Both expectation and reward run slower than achievement.

When we work for nothing but coin, we’ll always be searching for change.

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